Capped Ends

Custom capped ends provide a more finished look for your hall and stair runners by seaming borders on the ends of your ideal runner length. After our professional installer applies the seams for a perfect match and hand-sews the corners, you’ll never know the runner wasn’t manufactured that way.  For custom lengths down to the inch, or pro tips on how to install a stair runner with caps, contact StairRunnersUSA Customer Service.

example of custom ends and capping

This is how we make this happen!

  • You tell us the exact length you would like the runner to be finished.   26 inches by 16 ft 5 inch

  • Depending on the width of the runner–we add the necessary material.  This extra footage is where the border comes from to end cap your runner.

  • The end cap is lined up and cut to fit the runner.  The installer uses a special seaming iron to create the corner connections

  • To complete the process, he or she will sew the corners by hand to keep them from fraying

  • You now have a machine made runner that looks just like a hand made rug for a fraction of the price


Why do you need your runner serged?  All roll runners are made in lengths that vary starting with 66 continuous feet and some could be as long as 100 linear feet.

  • When you place your order for your cut runner, we open the roll and center the pattern and then cut both ends.

  • These will be unfinished ends and will fall apart over time.

  • We use a commercial serging machine which will secure the ends and match the way the sides are finished.

  • FYI–We are not able to get the same serging yarn that the manufacturer uses in the factory, but we have a tremendous selection of serging yarns to coordinate as best as possible.

  • You are all set now to enjoy your runner either capped or serged.

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