Why Stair Runners are Great for Pets 

We get a lot of questions about whether or not stair runners are great for pets – they are! A good, high-quality stair runner can protect your floors from pet-related wear and tear, help your pets regain confidence after a fall, and provide valuable grip for little paws. Learn more about how to choose good stair runners for pets and why they’re a great option for your furry friends!

this red stair runner provides grip for pets' claws

1. Stair runners protect your stairs from scratches and stains.

Whether you have a dog or a cat, scratches and stains are inevitable. They can cause permanent damage to your beautiful wood or laminate floors, potentially decreasing the value of your home or leading to costly repairs.

Stair runners are a great option to protect your floors! They’re a decorative way to add a layer of soft fabric between wood and sharp claws. And many stair runners are easy to clean, requiring only a vacuum or cleaner and cloth to get out stains and spills.

We recently had a local customer install this red stair runner on her beautiful oak staircase. She had some specific needs – her staircase had a turn and required a single miter on the landing and she wanted something that was great for her pets. And since the stair runner is made of polypropylene, it’s easy to clean!

Polypropylene is an excellent choice for pet-friendly stair runners because it maintains its color and resists both stains and moisture.

View all of our polypropylene stair runners here.

This particular customer shopped online to find the styles that she liked, we sent her samples of her favorite patterns, and then she visited our store to finalize the order.

2. Stair runners provide much-needed traction.

For puppies and older dogs, climbing stairs can seem like climbing a mountain! Bare floors are slippery, and little paws may struggle with grip, leading to slips and falls. And we all know that new puppies are clumsy enough already without this added slippery hazard!

Stair runners are a great solution. They provide valuable traction that allow your dogs and cats to grip the stairs without slipping and sliding. We would recommend choosing a material that claws won’t snag on – avoid hooked and looped rug materials.

3. Stair runners help reduce noise. 

If you own a dog, you’re very familiar with the “clack, clack, clack” noise their claws make running up and down your stairs! It’s annoying, loud, and can wake you or your kids up in the middle of the night.

Stair runners help reduce that noise by adding a cushion between your wood floors and your dog’s claws. No more distracting clacking!

4. Stair runners help scared dogs regain confidence with stairs. 

As we mentioned earlier, stairs can be slippery and dangerous for your pets. In many cases, dogs develop fear of stairs due to a previous bad experience, like a fall or slip. Stair runners are a great solution!

Gradually re-introduce your dog to the idea of stairs after installing stair runners that will help them feel safer. Replace their fear of stairs with a positive reaction by adding a toy or bowl of food at the top of the stairs. They’ll begin to understand that stairs are no longer something to be feared!

our ancient garden grey stair runner is a great option for pets

5. Stair runners are durable and can hold up to pets. 

If you have pets (and kids!) your floors are exposed to a lot of traffic and wear and tear. Stair runners provide a durable solution to the craziness!

Recently, we had a customer purchase our Ancient Garden Grey Stair runner to place over her dark wood staircase. She needed something durable and safe for pets and children and our stair runner was an excellent option. Quality materials, such as the wool-like Decolan that she chose, are critical to durability.

this grey stair runner is an example of good stair runners for pets

This customer took several samples home from our store, confirmed the color that she wanted, and utilized one of our master installers for her custom stair runner installation. Her staircase featured a turn, so we utilized a single mitered landing and a Hollywood-style wrap under the stair nosing. With a little help from our expert sales team, this same system would work anywhere in the United States!

Now, she can protect her floors without having to worry about replacing her stair runner any time soon.


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